Primary care built
for Medicare patients

Florence is a one-of-a-kind primary care provider exclusively serving Medicare patients.
Because it’s past time you get the VIP care you deserve.

How We Care

Devoted medical
providers and care team

Unlimited primary care office visits, covered by Medicare

Virtual visits, when you can’t come in

Our Doctors & Care Team

Physician-led care
Forence’s clinics are led by experienced primary care physicians who are specialized in the aging process. In addition to the supervising physician, your Florence care team includes at least one highly trained Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) and additional supporting medical assistant staff.
Your PA or NP is a front line team member who can meet regularly with you at the clinic to understand and document everything that’s going on with your care, at all levels, and work with you and the supervising physician on your care options and treatment plans on an ongoing basis.
A team you can rely on
One of the most popular Florence patient resources is our 24/7 staff support through phone and text message that serves as your front line team for all of your needs and concerns.
Think of your Florence phone number as your devoted provider help team — you can call or text this number any time for any thing. From med refills, to emerging health concerns, to scheduling/rescheduling a visit, or simply just to chat — a compassionate, knowledgable team member will be there to listen and assist, with quick call-backs if there’s a queue.

Invested in one thing only — your health

Invested in one thing
only — your health

Florence is built with Medicare patients in mind,
and all of our health services are fully included in your coverage.
Florence was started on the idea that our health care system should pay us as providers based on how well we take care of our patients. One of the problems in U.S. health care is that unlike in other industries, medical providers are paid per-visit fees regardless of how good a job they do. This is called “Fee For Service.”
With Florence, we actually take financial responsibility for our patients’ overall health outcomes. This means that our practice’s earnings are directly tied to the quality of care we provide and the health results we achieve together with our patients. These results include our patients’ overall satisfaction, and how well we are able to prevent acute hospital visits, emergency room visits, and other painful situations from developing or deteriorating.

Who is eligible?

You live within
one of our service areas

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You are enrolled in Medicare

Florence is currently available only to individuals who have Medicare Parts A & B.

You are not in an HMO or PPO

Florence is currently not available for consumers in Medicare Advantage plans.

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