The doctor-patient relationship is at the center of everything we do.

Learn about how Florence puts primary care first.


As part of our commitment to primary care in this time of crisis, Florence is now waiving all credentialing & enrollment costs for providers.

Physician Benefits

How Florence works for doctors.

  • Market-leading payment terms for primary care.

    Florence’s Medicare payment program is the most primary care-centric in the marketplace, delivering a substantial increase in revenue to general practitioners for their care and decision-making.

  • Biometric tools for patients to stay connected at home.

    In-person evalution & management remains the gold standard, but sometimes patients need support from their GP and can’t come in. Florence’s remote platform does the heavy lifting to make this practical.

  • Lower barriers and less friction to patient care.

    The health care system often can’t help getting in doctors’ way of caring for patients – from financial hurdles to care like high copays, to complicated reporting burdens like MIPS. Florence slashes all of these.

A word
from our President

As primary care providers, we are increasingly asked to fulfill more obligations with fewer resources. We created Florence to build an environment that allows primary care to thrive without adding to the clinician’s burden. Join us as we try to bring back some of what led us into primary care in the first place.

Jason Vance,


Join us as a provider.

Interested in taking Florence Medicare coverage? Florence is now accepting Medicare-enrolled providers in Arizona, California and New York. Physicians and mid-level clinicians, reach us via email here.